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Positive Collections

Working with Positive Collections, MTA Solicitors prides itself on helping both individuals and businesses who are struggling with debt, late payments and cash flow issues. Positive Collections offers a fast and cost effective solution to managing your debt and controlling your invoices whilst being managed by you at all times.

Positive Collections gives you the ability to manage your invoices online through an advanced invoice management system which is simple to use and completely FREE. Recovering debt has also never been so simple. Positive Collections uses a simple 3 step system to recover debt and has a 98% success rate to match.

Commercial debt can build up quickly without businesses even noticing and can often lead to a breakdown in clients relationships and the loss of valuable accounts. Many companies fail to chase up late payments out of fear they will offend or potentially ruin any relationships they have built up with existing clients. Many clients, especially large companies will try to put off paying for as long as possible which can cause many businesses to get frustrated and then write the debt off entirely.

Always remember, if you have done the work which was required you should get paid for that work. Its important to remember that your business also has bills to cover such as wages, over heads, tax, insurance and much more, so its important not to let debts build up.

Why Choose Us?

  • FREE credit control system
  • Recover debt in 3 simple steps
  • 98% success rate
  • Fast track service available
  • Register for FREE
  • Save time and money
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Suitable for all businesses
  • Improve your cash flow
Our debt collection service is ideal for all types of businesses both large and small and is great way to save both time and money. Wasting unnecessary time chasing late payments and debts can make you and your business lose focus and worry which can often have a long term negative effect. Plowing in unnecessary amounts of money in trying to recover late payments can cause even more money to be lost and even wasted in the long term, especially if the debtor constantly refuses to pay. As a debt recovery agency, we are able to support you in chasing any payments providing the necessary platform for recovering monies owed.

Disputes from your debtor can often arise when you are chasing a payment and it can often lead to the debtor ignoring your debt recovery letters. In situations like this you will have a choice of either continuing with the debt recovery process or you may attempt to resolve the dispute yourself. If you choose to settle your dispute with the debtor yourself, you will have the opportunity to instruct us to do this for you. If you choose to instruct us, MTA Solicitors LLP, will assist you with your dispute. If you choose MTA Solicitors to represent you, additional fees will be incurred. To find out more about MTA costs simply click here.

To find out more about how Positive Collections can help you or your business visit us online today or simply call us on 0208 313 7887!