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Personal Debt

Personal debt in the UK stood at £1.463 trillion in November 2014, equating to an average debt of £28,968 per an adult.

Debt in the UK can often lead individuals to:
  • miss household bills
  • max out credit limits
  • apply for debt consolidation
  • take out loans to pay credit
  • borrow money to cover job loss
If you are suffering with debt due to poor or incomplete work, or someone has failed to provide you with an agreed level of service or you have issued a bill which has not been paid, we can help you! At MTA Solicitors we ensure that all debts are recovered swiftly and within a timescale that best suits you. Our personal debt recovery service which operates through Positive Collections is also ideal for freelancers.

Although this is considered a commercial debt, freelancers who work solely for themselves may refer to the debt as personal as it is strictly your company, with you doing all the work. Large companies or even other business owners who fail to pay your invoices can cause you to have personal debts. Many freelancers often use their personal bank accounts to subsidise their business account if they are facing late payments to help ensure a healthy balance. However, in the long term this can have a negative effect on your personal finances.

If you are a victim of debt due to late payers and would like further information and advice on how tackle your finances or recover any debt simply call us on 0208 313 5118 to speak with one of personal debt recovery specialists.

Our debt recovery solicitors will help you determine whether you have a case to pursue your debt claim. Unfortunately although you may have a case, claiming the debt can be a complex procedure especially if the debtor has no means of paying. Our tracing agents will be able to investigate the debtor's financial status, collecting information in regards to property ownership and employment status.

At MTA Solicitors our expert team of debt advisors can assist you with the following disputes, offering straightforward debt recovery advice.
  • unpaid bills
  • faulty goods
  • breach of contract
  • failure to supply agreed services
  • poor or incomplete work

How can MTA Solicitors help you?

Our debt recovery department can advise on the following procedures, adapting the best course of action to your case.
  • letters before action
  • issue of county court claims
  • enforcement of judgements
  • issue of statutory demands
  • winding up proceedings
All initial advice given is completely FREE and is strictly confidential. It is also important to note that depending on the facts and evidence given MTA Solicitors may offer to conduct your case on a conditional fee basis.